At Last!! Self-Cleaning Glass!

And It's Available as a

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Windows &

Patio Doors!

Now there's a revolutionary new kind of glass that actually uses the power of the sun to clean itself ... Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass.

Imagine, clean windows naturally! How does Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass do it? By using energy from the sun - which is abundant even on cloudy days - to keep windows clean by a two-step process:

I . A photo catalytic process gradually breaks down, loosens and dissolves dirt and other organic residue so it breaks loose from the glass.

2. A hydrophilic action causes rain to sheet on the glass, carrying dirt away with minimal spotting or streaking.

So under most conditions, natural rain is sufficient to keep your windows clean. And in dry weather, a quick squirt with the hose will achieve the same result. Either way, Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass dramatically reduces or eliminates window cleaning, providing crisp, clear vistas.

The advanced properties of Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass are integral to the glass surface not just a coating that can peel, separate or disintegrate over time, or be damaged by liquid glass cleaners.

Product Features

· SELF-CLEANING PROPERTIES virtually eliminate the need for window washing. In dry weather, just a quick squirt of the hose will do.

· NEVER NEEDS RE-TREATING, because the pyrolytic self-cleaning surface is an inherent part of the glass, not a coating that washes away.

· ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, in its application, installation and use, and requiring less cleaning, no chemical cleaners and less detergent.

· DURABLE PYROLYTIC SURFACE minimizes rubs and scratches. Plus it won't peel, discolor or wear off, ensuring long-term self-cleaning performance.

· COLOR NEUTRAL for compatibility with all home styles and an unspoiled exterior aesthetic.

· UV CONTROL PROPERTIES, providing 20% reduction in UV transmission (additional performance data is available on request).

· IDEAL FOR new construction, replacement and renovation applications.

Please refer to the NorthStar Web Site (Click on NorthStar Logo Above) for Complete Tech Info, Specs, Detailed Product Features, Test Results and Warranty Information.





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