The Adalia XM# group of awnings is manufactured, designed, and assembled in Canada by ROLLTEC, using time proven traditions of European and North American technology, superior workmanship, and top quality materials. The awnings are covered by a 10 year limited warranty.
  • Unparalleled design
  • Excellent durability and functionality
  • Most parts made from extruded, thermally treated aluminum
  • White powder coat finish
  • Manual; operation uses a speedy bevel gear
  • Optional Motorization is available
  • Available Projections: 5' 4", 6' 9", 8' 8", 10' 0" and 11' 8"

Innovatively designed, the Adalia X 3 M™ arm shoulder consists of three components of high-strength extruded aluminum that work in conjunction to provide lateral and vertical stability and are virtually unbreakable. It features dual inclination modes: a default setting of 5 to 45 degrees, and an optional 40 to 80 degree setting after a simple adjustment.

Adalia X3M™ arm employs extruded aluminum profiles, strong die-cast and thermo treated aluminum elbows with PVC protected double aircraft cables. The heavy-duty springs inside the arms apply tremendous force to hold the fabric taut when the awning is extended.

This newly engineered fixing bracket employs shock-absorbing components to significantly extend its functional lifespan.

Specially engineered, internally reinforced front bars give continuity to the fabric top and added strength to the overall system/The profile on the right is used for smaller awnings and the profile on the left is for awnings with a width over16' and/or projection of 11'8".

ROLLTEC* uses a structural galvanized steel roller tube with spring memory to rebound to its original shape.

A strong, galvanized and powder coated 40mm square bar with 2mm walls, after 10' projection, is upgraded to an extruded aluminum profile with 5mm architectural reinforcement ribs that prevent it from twisting.





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